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Workkshop Canceled because of Covid19 Regulations

Due to the still valid strict regulations related to the Covid19 situation issued by the Austrian authorities and the Graz University of Technology and recent developments we decided to finally chancel the Joint Austrian Computer Vision and Robotics Workshop for 2020. When we postponed the event earlier this year, we were still convinced that the situation will be resolved in fall. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
Besides the presentation of new results, the workshop has also the important aim to allow for networking between students, researchers, and industry. Given restrictions such as distancing, wearing masks, and limitations for coffee breaks and catering, this major aim, however, cannot be met. We are really sorry about this development, in particular taking into account that the workshop is one of the major networking events for the computer vision and robotics community in Austria. Thus, a virtual event also does not make sense.

Anyway, we were able to run the submission, reviewing and publication process and are happy to inform you that the proceedings will be officially published today. We apologize for the delay, which is based on the late arrival of many camera-ready versions caused by Covid19 as well. Since there will no physical event, also the registration will be canceled. For all authors/participants that have already registered trough eventbrite, we will initiate an automated full refund within the next days. We will contact you soon with more details, also informing you about upcoming and planned (virtual) activities.

Although this is a severe setback for the computer vision and robotics community in Austria, we hope that you can continue your developments and research in those areas and to see you again at the related workshops in 2021.

Enjoy the summer!

Notification for accepted papers send out!

The workshop is moved to September 17 & 18 2020!

Corona Update

We would like to update you on measures taken by the university in response to the Corona virus and its effects on the Austrian Joint Computer Vision and Robotics Workshop and the reviewing process.

First, due to the latest developments we will move the workshop to a later date in September and we are currently fixing a new date for the workshop. We will inform here once we have new dates confirmed.

We will however continue the review process as planned with the previously determined deadlines. Our plan is to publish the accepted papers as pre-proceedings soon prior to the postponed workshop.

You don’t need to cancel you registration. It will remain valid for the postponed workshop. If you need to cancel for some reason we like to ask you to contact the workshop chairs.

The program Chairs,

Friedrich Fraundorfer
Roland Perko
Gerald Steinbauer
Mathias Brandstötter

Paper Submission Deadline extended to 28.02.2010 (see here).

Thomas Schmickl from University Graz and Frank Kirchner from DFKI will give invited talks (see here).

Registration is open (see here)!

The Joint Austrian Computer Vision and Robotics Workshop aims at further fostering collaboration of Austria‘s computer vision and robotics communities and of discussing emerging topics in both fields. We look forward to the presentation and discussion of recent research as well as current projects from the Austrian Computer Vision and Robotics community.

The workshop will be held at Graz University of Technology from 16th to 17th of April 2020. A specific goal is to strengthen the cooperation between academia and industry. Therefore, the contributions and participation from industry is strongly encouraged, e.g., with short spotlight papers. The workshop will be organized in the two tracks computer vision and robotics with shared presentations and shared invited talks of common interest.

The workshop is organized in cooperation with:

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